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2020-02-29 00:49

Born in the brothels of Buenos Aires, tango embodies, perhaps more than anything else, the brooding sensuality and passion of the Argentine people. A musical and dance genre which, at its best can evoke the eroticism of a Klimt painting or a Moore sculpture, tango is currently enjoying a thrilling revival in Buenos Aires. And this August the city celebrates its 10th annual World Tango Festival.Festivals and events. International Tango Festival and World Cup. Two weeks of concerts, shows, classes and milongas every August. Come to watch, listen or dance! Buenos Aires International Festival (FIBA) The best of international theatre in Buenos Aires, January 23 February 3 2019. Ciudad Emergente festival international tango festival buenos aires

Every August its time to put on a sultry face and slide into a tight embrace on the dance floor at the Buenos Aires Tango Festival. At this yearly tango festival, tango aficionados and international visitors enjoy live tango orchestras, dance shows and competitions, tangorelated films, art exhibitions and of course milongas (dance parties), celebrating Argentinas most famous dance.

International Tango Festival and World Cup. Two weeks of concerts, shows, classes and milongas every August. Free entry, with limited places for some events. Every August thousands of dancers and fans of tango music converge on Buenos Aires, the birthplace of tango, for a twoweek extravaganza of free concerts, classes, milongas, and other Festival Buenos Aires Tango Festival Buenos Aires Tango takes place in winter time, on the two last weeks of Agust. It is the most important demonstration devoted to tango with concerts, expositions, dance classes, milongas, etc. ; activities that are mostly for tango festival buenos aires Find uptodate Argentine Tango Festivals, Marathons in 2019 including Tango Holidays and Weekends around the world at our best Tango Festivals Calendar: international tango festivals 2019, argentine tango festivals 2019, tango festivals USA, tango festivals Europe 2019, tango festivals in Mexico and other countries. Add Your Festival (it's FREE! ).

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See Who's Going to Tango Buenos Aires Festival y Mundial 2019 in Buenos Aires, Argentina! Tango Buenos Aires Festival y Mundial showcases a traditional Argentine dance style in proportions that have gained an international following for the event. This dance festival preserves the cultural heritage of the tango while spreading the passion to an appreciative global audience of particip international tango festival buenos aires Argentina the Tango Homeland organizes a great celebration of tango events every year in Buenos Aires. The festival hosts an audience of local dancers and guests who come especially from all over the world to the largest and most important tango festival in the world. Tango Festival Buenos Aires Part 1: Music Maestro. One essential part of any dance festival is the accompanying music. The tango demands its own special style of music and the Tango Buenos Aires Festival doesnt stint on it in either quality or quantity.

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